[EXCLUSIVE] Confessions of an Audiologist – 7 Shocking Truths About Hearing Aids They Don’t Want You To Know About…

Published On: September 17, 2019

Plus, Discover How To Get New Hearing Technology for 1/10 The Price of Traditional Hearing Aids! Read On…

Dear Reader,

My name is Sam Knight.

Sam Knight (Audiologist of 27 Years) Has Discovered a Revolutionary New Hearing Aid Company

I’ve been an audiologist for the past 27 years and believe me — I’ve seen everything…

Please read this entire article, because the secrets I’m about to reveal to you are so valuable and controversial they would get me fired and kicked off the board of audiology if too many people find out about my confessions…

You might be wondering “Why are you sharing this secret information with the public?”

Because I think it’s about time that hard-working Americans like you know the truth about the monopolized hearing aid industry!

You deserve to have your body’s most important sense (hearing) working properly…

You deserve to hear your spouses’ voice clearly…

You deserve to hear your granddaughters soft gentle voice…

You deserve to hear the TV on low volume…

You deserve to hear conversations clearly in a crowed restaurant…

And you deserve to pay only the TRUE price of hearing aids, not inflated $5,000 prices!

I also suffer from hearing loss myself and only after my wife started yelling at me (even when she wasn’t angry) did I realize the seriousness of my hearing loss problem…

But even as an audiologist, I didn’t want to pay $5,000 for a pair of hearing aids!

There had to be new hearing technology for only 1/10 the price!

Thus, I began extensive research and set out to find the world’s most advanced, affordable hearing aid…

Then I had an epiphany…

What if there was a hearing aid company with new hearing technology (priced at 1/10 traditional hearing aids) that automatically adjusts to any environment and hearing loss levels — it would eliminate the need for hearing tests, and be guaranteed to work perfectly for everyone (one-size-fits-all), thus allowing hearing aids to be sold online for the first time in history!

This would cut out the middleman (brick and mortar hearing aid centers) and put audiologists (like me) out of business. And for only 1/10 the price of traditional hearing aids, it would allow every hard-working American to actually afford hearing aids.

Price is no excuse now. Hearing tests are no excuse (because they are unnecessary).

Fortunately, there are no more excuses because I discovered a company that invented the world’s first auto-adjusting, background-noise-canceling technology for 1/10 the price of traditional hearing aids and with better sound quality!

How is this possible?

Thanks to the recent OTC hearing aid legislation, hearing aids can be sold online, and the new hearing aid company I found is going absolutely viral right now — in fact their hearing aids are constantly selling out because the demand is so high.

So what hearing aid company did I find? The company is NanoHearingAids.com

I bought and tested all their models. I already did all the research for you, and Nano only sells directly on their website because they are the only manufacturer of their own products.

All of Nano’s models have great technology and are worth purchasing, but they have one model that’s the absolute top-of-the-line with the best sound clarity and award-wining background-noise canceling technology.

I highly recommend it and am telling all my patients to get this device because it’s on sale for a limited time right now buy 1 get 1 free.

So what’s it called?

The Nano Model X

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

We just got an email from Robert, the CEO of Nano Hearing Aids, and due to a viral Facebook post and so many people reading this article, Nano is almost sold out and will be ending their popular Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale within the next 30 minutes! Please CLICK HERE to see if the sale is still active.

The Model X is my favorite and what I wear daily — it sits perfectly behind my ear and is nearly invisible!

One word of wisdom: invest as much as you possibly can — don’t hold back — you only have one set of ears! Get the best model!

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Don’t wait — don’t ask for advice from your audiologist – of course he’s going to say “no” because Nano is putting him out of a job!

Don’t wait for your spouses approval, they will be happy for your wise investment, and Nano has a 100 day 100% money back guarantee, so there’s literally no risk.

If you don’t get Nano now, you’ll put it off and continue life as usual. Nothing will change. Or you can invest in Nano (risk free) like 1000s of savvy hard-working Americans are and change your life forever and hear sounds you haven’t heard in years!

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Continue reading to discover my 7 confessions…

Confession #1 – “Hearing aids aren’t “too expensive” anymore”

Most seniors average spending $3,500-$7,000 on traditional hearing aids…

That’s too expensive for MILLIONS of Americans that currently have hearing loss and need hearing aids but can’t afford them…

That is, until now…

As an audiologist I was shocked to discover a new hearing aid company called Nano Hearing Aids that’s cutting out the middleman. Nano’s $697 pair of hearing aids, beat a $5,000 pair of traditional hearing aids.

Unfortunately most seniors who are buying hearing aids are overpaying – WAY overpaying!

It’s true.

When my customers paid me thousands of dollars for their new hearing aids my cost was a mere fraction of that.

Let me explain…

Of hundreds of seniors who have purchased hearing aids from me in the past 6 months, the average price paid was $6,782/pair.

What they don’t know is that they could have saved $5,782 on their digital hearing aids by cutting out the middleman and buying hearing aids directly from new over the counter online shops for less than $500/pair.

Let me say that again so it sinks in.

For the same results, people are paying close to $7,000 when they could turn around and get hearing aids for less than $697 a pair.

This really hurts people, especially seniors, who are on a fixed income and simply don’t know there is a better and cheaper option available to them.

Confession #2 – “Nano’s new $700 technology is just as good as a $5,000 pair of traditional hearing aids”

With new, breakthrough hearing manufacturing technology invented in early 2018, new USA-based companies such as Nano Hearing Aids invented a hearing device that’s so darn good it beat a $5,000 pair of hearing aids!

Congress also just passed a bill now allowing over-the-counter hearing aid sales direct to consumers.

This has been a game changer in the United States but good luck trying to find out about this from an Audiologist. I’m ashamed to admit that I avoided the topic altogether with my patients.

Thus – Nano is cutting out all the hearing aid centers that are getting a juicy pay-day whenever they sell hearing aids to unsuspecting seniors who thought they can only buy hearing aids directly from a physical brick and mortar store…

A lot of early beta-testers are calling it the “Apple of hearing aids”. The best design, best quality, best price.

Confessions #3 – “You Don’t Need An Expensive In-Person Hearing Test From An Audiologist”

I love YouTube. But I hate the fact that it has disrupted my industry.

Did you know that many hearing tests we give in our practice are now available online?

All you have to do is listen to frequencies of sound to get a pretty good idea of the severity of your hearing loss.

Let’s find out if you need hearing aids by taking this simple online hearing test by watching this video below:

Could You Hear The Sounds In This Video?


Do you have trouble hearing loved ones?

Do have trouble hearing in restaurants or public spaces?

The truth is that over the counter hearing aids work on 98.7% of people with hearing loss.

I bet you’ve never been told that?

Why? The answer is simple. Money.

My story started to change when I kept seeing people who had no money scraping together all they had to pay the fees that I was charging. I like to think of myself as a moral person and this eventually wore me down.

Confession #4 – “You Can Now Buy Hearing Aids Online”

One of the major factors and reasons why seniors don’t buy hearing aids is because of either the lack of transportation or not wanting to burden family and friends with shuttling them around.

I know this because my secretary constantly answered phone calls from desperate seniors asking if we do house calls. This may be related to cost, but, in some instances, it is not.

Some people, in rural areas, older or physically challenged, may not have the means to get to a place to have an audiological assessment and hearing aid fitting.

We have seen this with some frequency among residents living alone in residential settings for older people.

These people many times are not aware that they can purchase hearing aids online from the comfort of their own home.

We have also found that seniors are often times very skeptical (as was I) about buying a hearing aid online.

It shouldn’t be a requirement to have transportation to improve your quality of life and luckily in the times we now live it isn’t.

Confession #5 – “48 million Americans have hearing loss and need hearing aids”

America is in a hearing loss epidemic. Some folks won’t get hearing aids because they perceive hearing loss to be a sign of old age and a symbol of its attendant infirmities or failings.

The reasoning seems to be, “If I don’t have a hearing aid(s), I won’t be seen as being old.”

Strange reasoning, especially so, when the misunderstandings related to hearing loss really make others wonder, “What the heck is wrong here?”

Some people still in the work force are concerned that supervisors or co-workers seeing a hearing aid(s) might question their competency to continue to perform at work.

Unfortunately, there has been some justification for that fear.

The bind is that not having hearing aids will probably result in misunderstanding and poor performance at work anyway.

It can help to point out that without the hearing aid(s), when the person with hearing loss misunderstands or fails to understand, the other employees may come to view that person as being unfriendly, incompetent, slow witted, weird, etc.

Confession #6 – “No One Will Notice You’re Wearing Hearing Aids”

Some years ago, I did a workshop in the South and one of the participants was a woman in her early seventies who appeared to be quite wealthy.

Anyway, we gave her an FM receiver, which allowed her to understand much more than she had in years.

She kept raving about this “wonderful” device.

At lunchtime, she left it in the room when we went out to a restaurant to eat. I asked her why she didn’t take it along.

Her response was, “Oh, it doesn’t go with my outfit.”

Some individuals may not want to wear hearing aids for some similar reasons.

However, in-the-ear and in-the- canal aids may be able to overcome some of this reluctance. Kids who are hard of hearing often suffer the same feelings in school. It requires strong encouragement and support to get some young people to wear hearing aids.

Others will still refuse to wear them; and alternative options, such as, sound field systems in their classrooms need to be used.

Meetings for students who are hard of hearing focused on coping with hearing loss in classroom situations can be very beneficial.

It is most important that the student, parents, teachers, and other school personnel; e.g., counselor, psychologist, audiologist, meet together to ensure they are all working together.

But, people are vulnerable to ridicule at any age, and it is wise to determine if fear of being made fun of is a factor.

Openly discussing the effects of hearing loss and the consequences of ridicule with those who might be poking fun at the person can sometimes put it to an end. Working with the person who is hard of hearing on how to handle ridicule is also important.

Getting them to discuss, in a safe environment, their worst fears about being ridiculed is helpful; e.g., disclosing what they think people will actually say to them.

Helping them to anticipate the things that people might say and role-play responses to these comments serves to alleviate some or much of the fear.

Confession #7 – “You Have No Excuses Anymore”

There really is no reason for your delay in improving your quality of life. My biggest confession as an audiologist? I ended up purchasing my hearing aids online.

The pricing was even better than my suppliers wholesale.

Personally I am a big fan of Nano Hearing Aids because of the quality and cost but do your own research and go with what speaks to you.

The technology has driven down prices dramatically and it’s time for you to take advantage.

The bottom line is now that I’m actually wearing hearing aids my quality of life has improved ten fold. My relationships were suffering because of my hearing loss and it’s been incredible to see these relationships slowly improve over time.

Even things as simple as being able to contribute to conversations or make a joke because I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves has been incredible.

I believe it is our duty to share the good news with our friends and neighbors. To help others improve their lives.

So go out there and enjoy your improved hearing! You are worth it!

You can learn more about low cost Nano Hearing Aids at their website by clicking here.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

We just got an email from Robert, the CEO of Nano Hearing Aids, and due to a viral Facebook post and so many people reading this article, Nano is almost sold out and will be ending their popular Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale within the next 30 minutes! Please CLICK HERE to see if the sale is still active.



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