Congress Passes Legislation to Allow Hearing Aids to Be Sold Over-The-Counter And This Innovative Company’s New Device is Flying Off The Shelf, Read This Entire Article To The End to Find Out Why…

Published On: September 17, 2019

48 Million Americans NEED Hearing Aids But CAN’T AFFORD THEM! Hearing Loss is One of The Leading Causes of Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Depression in Seniors Over Age 60. Restoring Hearing Can Save Relationships and Improve Quality of Life.

WASHINGTON — The U.S Senate has officially passed the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act as part of the Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Act on a vote of 94-1…

“Until now, nearly half of online U.S. adults – 98 million Americans – with hearing loss have been unable to access adequate hearing assistance due to high hearing aid costs (the average pair of hearing aids costs $3,200-$6,000) as well as the inconvenience and financial burden of doctors appointments…

“This legislation will create a new class of over-the-counter hearing aids costing roughly 1/10 the price of traditional hearing aids, making it easier for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to afford the hearing assistance that they need.”

The legislation will make certain types of hearing aids, like completely-in-the-ear-canal (CIC) models (the most popular and effective type of hearing aid), available over-the-counter (OTC) to millions of Americans with mild to moderate hearing impairment!

It gets better though…

A New Company Shocks The Hearing Aid Industry…

The day after the legislation was passed, a hearing aid company called Nano Hearing Aids launched a press release announcing the release of it’s first OTC completely-in-the-ear-canal (CIC) hearing device that’s 85%-95% as effective as $5,000 hearing aids (as reported by customers).

Once it became available online sales skyrocketed so fast it crashed their website for 5 hours!

The company said it’s been betting for this moment for over 2 years knowing that the legislation would get passed sooner or later, and their engineers have invented what customer reviews are calling an”impressively powerful” and “easy-to-use” hearing device that’s 85%-95% as effective as $5,000 hearing aids.

Now smart, savvy, hard-working Americans can click here to buy hearing aids online.

The hearing devices work the same day out of the box with NO doctor visits, audiologist hearing tests, or custom fittings.

Now people can literally order hearing devices online in their pajamas and start hearing the next week. Company CEO, John Wilson, said in an interview with our editors “Our bet paid off, and now we’re first-to-market with the world’s first OTC hearing aid that costs $279-$500/pair.

“And we’re doing our final promotion of the year – right now customers can get even better pricing by clicking here and save over $500!”

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

We just received an urgent phone call from a Nano team member today and they said they are almost out of stock again due to a viral Facebook post and tens-of-thousands of website visitors rushing to their website to purchase their hearing devices.

Thus Nano is forced to end ALL promotions and sales tonight and for the rest of 2018. We convinced the Nano team member to give US Medical Times readers this special link that will only be active for the next 30 minutes. Click Here to Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! 


All the big, greedy hearing aid companies are freaking out right now because their little known secret has been exposed…

“They don’t want you to know that it only costs $500 to manufacture a powerful hearing aid but they come up with all sorts of cool sounding features like “48 settings and channels for different frequencies”.

It’s all a marketing gimmick to get people to believe that they need to pay more for these super “high-tech” hearing aids, when really you can get 90% of the same capabilities and effectiveness of a $5,000 pair of hearing aids but for only $300-$1000.”

“Plus, when hearing aids are sold directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, you cut out the middleman entirely and save big bucks. Big, greedy hearing aid companies have to charge $5,000 just to cover their overhead expenses, expensive doctor salaries, building rent, and employees.

devices“But here at Nano, we manufacture our hearing aids ourself with a small, dedicated team and sell them directly to the consumer, so our costs our 1/10 what big hearing aid company’s are, and we can afford to hire talent locally.

We’re ‘bringing back American jobs’ and can afford the higher labor costs in the US because it is a direct-to-consumer business and therefore avoids expensive overhead associated with brick-and-mortar stores.”

The company also chooses to market mainly on the Internet, avoiding the high-cost of television ads and billboards. The hearing devices have all been selling by word-of-mouth for the most part, Nano CEO John Wilson reports.

“This wasn’t previously possible, but now thanks to this new legislation and our affordable hearing aids, we’ve become one of the fastest selling hearing aids on the market almost overnight on the internet.”

Nano is only available online, and sales are going through the roof…

“We’re almost out of inventory on a daily basis, and our team is working overtime just to keep up. In fact, last week, we were on a 14 day wait list due to all the orders we were getting.

“We had to upgrade our servers to handle all the internet traffic from our viral press release and 1000s of people sharing our Facebook posts every day…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

I just received an email from a Nano team member 10 minutes ago and they said they are almost out of stock again due to a Facebook post going viral and 1,000s of people buying hearing aids on their website every day, so for a limited time only the next 100 customers can save over $500 on Nano’s Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sale but only for the next 30 minutes.


“We’re not complaining though…it’s basic economics — supply and demand — when you have the best product at the best price people tell their friends and the word of mouth spreads.”

“What excites me is that someone is finally doing something to help the baby boomers keep more of their hard-earned retirement money in their pocket without forcing them to dip into their savings just to buy a pair of hearing aids.

Hearing is one of the 7 senses for crying out loud — everyone deserves to hear, and that’s our mission!” said company CEO, John Wilson, in an interview with US Medical Times editors.

Why Is This Hearing Aid Company So Popular?

The Nano Hearing Aid company has grown so fast they are expanding into two new warehouses within the next 3 monthsjust to meet the soaring demand. It’s incredibly affordable and the reviews we found are almost all 5-star.

It’s now available for sale online and they are the only science-based hearing aid safe to use at home without the need for ear doctors and hearing tests.


It’s practically invisible and one of most powerful hearing amplifiers on the market, allowing for more affordable pricing.

And it has the ability to adjust the volume based on your environment, so if you’re having a conversation or in a loud environment you can adjust it accordingly.

Many reviewers have called it “95% as effective as a $5,000 pair of custom fit hearing aids”.

Nano has been on the market for only 1 month when an August 2017 article declared it “the most effective hearing device on the market for the price” and suddenly sales exploded. (Forbes)

The pace of growth was so rapid that back-order waits grew to as long as 45 days. But people continued placing orders regardless of the wait.

“It’s an honor to create a solution that both hearing doctors and baby boomers love so much and can afford,” Nano CEO John Wilson said in an interview with U.S. Medical Times editors.

John was inspired to create Nano 2 years ago when he saw his 5 year old son trying to ask his 78 year old mother Lisa a question but she couldn’t hear him. “It was very sad”, John said.

“Lucas looked up with big eyes and said “Grandma, can we bake chocolate chip cookies?” She didn’t respond. He asked again, and she still didn’t respond…


Then Lucas thought she was ignoring him so he started crying uncontrollably like I’ve never seen. I could tell he felt very rejected, and the crazy part is my mother didn’t even know what she did.

I couldn’t imagine all the other things she’s missing out on in her life, not to mention the arguments with her husband over basic things that would be resolved if they could actually hear each other let alone the TV!”

Later, I asked my mother if she had ever considered hearing aids and she said,

“Your father and I went in for a hearing aid test and they wanted $5,782 for custom digital hearing aids with a bunch of confusing settings, and we couldn’t afford that, so we just decided to tough it out and get by through reading lips and turning up the TV volume to almost full blast.”

It was at that moment that I realized I needed to create the most affordable hearing aid on the market. After years of research and development and working with the best Harvard-level audiologists and engineers in America we came up with Nano…

“In August the rate of buying went up by six times higher than we expected and that’s partly because people are buying 2-3 pairs for themselves, their spouse, and for backup. They know this is the deal of the century and was previously unavailable until literally just a couple weeks ago thanks to the new legislation.”

For the time being, Nano Hearing Aids are available online without a prescription, and they are super easy to use straight out of the box. Now you don’t have to worry about spending $5,000 on complicated digital hearing aids that you might never use become you give up trying to operate them or they keep whistling in your ear.

Top 5 Reasons People With Hearing Loss Haven’t Purchased Hearing Aids Yet

Unfortunately, the majority of people who need hearing aids don’t have them. Our editors found the 5 most common reasons people with hearing loss haven’t purchased hearing aids yet.

1. They Don’t Realize They Have Hearing Loss

After interviewing 570 people with hearing loss and reading medical studies, our editors found that the biggest reason reason people don’t buy hearing aids is because they don’t know they actually have hearing loss.

This is the majority of the market and currently over 98 million Americans NEED hearing aids but don’t have them. Fortunately with Nano, you don’t need a hearing aid test or the programming of complex digital hearing aids that only an audiologist can do. Nano hearing aids work out of the box and will work for the majority of people who need hearing aids.

2. Pride and Denial

Most people don’t want to admit that they have a hearing problem that needs treatment. They think “it’s not that bad” or that their problem isn’t big enough to spend money on to fix.

The biggest reason people need to get hearing aids is actually the health benefits. Essentially the brain is like a muscle, and when the brain can’t hear fully, it starts to shut down.

According to several major studies, older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (memory loss), compared to those with normal hearing. Further, the risk escalates as a person’s hearing loss grows worse. This should be motivation to stop putting it off.

3. Cosmetics

Surprisingly guys are actually more vein than women when it comes to hearing aids. Men feel “unmanly” if they need hearing aids, and women often feel like it might make them less attractive, but both are misconceptions.

With Nano, the hearing aid actually sits behind the ear so people can’t see it anyway because the string with the receiver goes inside your ear and the device sits behind the ear. Plus, most women can use their hair to cover up the hearing aids anyway.

4. Price

For the majority of Americans, shelling out $5,000 for hearing aids that might not work or might be too complex to use is a big risk. Fortunately, with the new legislation and companies like Nano, the prices of hearing aids will now fall to below $1000.

5. Failure

Many older folks believe that getting hearing aids is a sign that they’ve failed. This is similar to pride, but viewing hearing aids as a handicap that makes them seem “weaker”. Realize that people most likely aren’t actually buy hearing aids for themselves. They buy them for the benefit of someone else.

Think about it – a husband or wife buys hearing aids to the benefit of his spouse, kids, and grandkids so they can all interact without having to repeat everything.

However, the health benefits far outweigh the costs of potentially feeling like a failure, so our editors advise readers to encourage folks with hearing loss to simply take action and start hearing again by purchasing a hearing aid online.

What’s The Biggest Mistake People Make After Purchasing Hearing Aids?

Most hearing aid companies don’t set the right expectations. After interviewing multiple audiologists and ear doctors, our editors found

“The biggest mistake people make after purchasing hearing aids is to not use them long enough before determining if they are helping or not!”

Yes, that’s right. The brain is like a muscle, and after 10 years of not hearing properly, it starts to lose it’s strength, which is one of the reasons that hearing loss can cause dementia. So just like going to the gym to lose weight, it will take a while before you start to see results gradually over time.

Doctors recommend that you use your hearing aids for at least 45 days before making a decision on how well they are really working for you or if you want to try a new hearing aid.

At the end of our interview with Nano CEO John Wilson, he said that the company prides itself on their return policy and customer service.

Nano will help give you up to three FREE replacements of their other hearing aid models until you find the right type of hearing aid for you.

“How much would you pay to be able to see? to smell? to taste? to hear?

Hearing is arguably one of the two most important senses, and most people would pay over $10,000 to hear properly if they had the money. Our goal with Nano is to help people hear again for UNDER 1/10 of that.” said CEO John Wilson.

Nano cares about solving your problem, not taking your money…which is unfortunately what most of the big hearing aid companies want, and that’s why they’ve had a monopoly on the hearing aid market for the past 20 years.

Finally, that monopoly is getting disrupted by companies like Nano.

What Should You Do Now?

Learn more about Nano Hearing Aids by visiting their website.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

We just received an urgent phone call from a Nano team member today and they said they are almost out of stock due to a viral Facebook post and thousands of website visitors rushing to purchase Nano hearing devices online.

Thus Nano is forced to end ALL promotions and sales tonight and for the rest of 2018.

Fortunately, we convinced the Nano team member to give US Medical Times readers this special link that will only be active for the next 30 minutes. Click Here to Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ($500 Savings!) 



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