Trump Signs New OTC Hearing Aid Legislation Cutting Prices By 90% [EXCLUSIVE] …

Published On: July 17, 2019

“Finally You Don’t Need To Spend $5,000 On Traditional Expensive, Clunky Hearing Aids Anymore”…

FACT: 48 Million Americans over age 65 currently have hearing loss but couldn’t afford traditional $5,000 hearing aid price tags…

Until now…

Fortunately, President Trump just signed the Over-The Counter (OTC) hearing aid legislation today on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019!

What does this mean for you?

Now you can purchase hearing aids over the phone for 1/10th the price without the need for the following hassles that come with buying traditional hearing aids:

  • No more pesky salesman disguised as an audiologist!
  • No more back and forth driving and unnecessary hearing tests!
  • No more painful $5,000 bill sucking your hard-earned retirement money! 

And the best part?

In an effort to support Trump’s new legislation, the Hearing Loss Hotline is sponsoring America’s most popular direct to consumer hearing aid company: Nano Hearing Aids. To get 90% off Nano’s Model X hearing aids, call (800) 376-5502

Nano Hearing Aids Are Packed With Micro-Technology Making Them Nearly Invisible, And Are Now Available For 1/10th The Price!

Nano’s new “Model X” won the award for the #1 hearing aid of the year because it’s cool-looking, nearly invisible, and packed with nano’s micro-chip technology rivaling any $7,000 pair of hearing aids.

It automatically adjusts to your environment, so you don’t need a hearing test, and it works for all hearing loss levels!

Fortunately, the next 100 callers that qualify can now get a pair of Nano’s $7,000 Model X hearing aids, for over 90% off!

How do you qualify?

If you’re over 60 years old and currently live near Ashburn, Virginia, then you qualify for Nano’s discount! This offer will only be available on July 17, 2019 Call this number right away and ask the Nano hearing specialist about the “Model X”.

Call (800) 376-5502

David Richards and His Wife Lisa Happily Saved Over $5,782 On Hearing Aids By Purchasing On


And the best part?

Our editors tested Nano’s new pair of digital hearing aids and they scored EQUAL to a $7,000 hearing in 5/10 categories and were actually BETTER in 5/10 categories.

New Hearing Technology OutPerforms Traditional Hearing Aids In 5 Important Ways

  • Eliminating Background Noise
  • Automatic Sound-Adjusting Based On Your Environment
  • Nearly Invisible, Small Design Behind The Ear (BTE)
  • Rechargeable Technology (No More Spending $200/year on Batteries)
  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ok. You’re probably wondering, “Where can I get Nano’s amazing new hearing aids from the comfort of my home before they sell out”?

Sold Exclusively Over The Phone: Call (800) 376-5502

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

We just got an email from Robert, the CEO of Nano, and due to a viral Facebook post and so many people reading this article, Nano is almost sold out. Please Call (800) 376-5502


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